Fresh Wave Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes the annual tradition of panicking about the perfect gifts to buy for your loved ones. Of course, there are some excellent holiday gift guides out there, but everyone has their own preferences, and if you don’t see someone very often, there’s the added risk of

How to Help Eliminate Stink Bugs and Their Awful Scent

It’s hard to describe the odor that stink bugs create, but once you’ve smelled it, you never forget. Some people say it’s like cilantro. Others compare it to burnt tires. You may also see it likened to ammonia or rotting sweets. What’s generally not up for debate is that the smell is unpleasant and capable

Ways to Help Stop the Flu From Getting In Your House

Even a mild case of the flu can cause coughing, sneezing, fever and other symptoms, leaving you feeling miserable as your body fights off the infection. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to avoid catching this virus. Follow these flu season cleaning tips to stay as healthy as possible. Ways Outside the Home

Surprising Ways You Can Clean with Olive Oil

Sometimes the most effective and affordable solution for your biggest house cleaning concerns lies inside your kitchen cupboard. Olive oil is a popular and accessible natural remedy that has a variety of applications. While cooking with this oil is its number one use due to the health benefits and great flavor it provides, olive oil

Best Ways to Combat Common Cat Odors

Cats are amazing pets, no doubt, but let’s face it: you could do without all the nasty funks that come with them. While uncommon, cat odors can become pretty disgusting. They may become what guests remember most about your home. Luckily you can learn ways to combat cat smells to keep your home smelling fresh.

Do Gel Air Fresheners Work?´┐╝

Unpleasant odors in the kitchen, bathroom, basement and other parts of your home can be a daily annoyance, but with the demands of work and family, it can be hard to find the time to address them. Air freshener gels promise is a simple way to deal with those bad smells. If you’ve explored them

Eco-Friendly Ways to Help Clean Your Toilet

It’s a given that eco-friendly products are better for the environment. But did you know that they can also be more effective at cleaning your home than their chemical-laden counterparts? Eco-friendly toilet cleaners can pack a powerful punch when removing grime, dirt, and germs. There are plenty of eco-friendly ways to clean your toilet without

Tips For Cleaning Your Dog Beds

If you’re like most people who’ve chosen to share your heart and home with a canine companion, you undoubtedly want your new household resident to be comfortable, healthy, and happy. You’ve probably already stocked up on all the necessities and some of the frills involved in owning a dog, such as food, odor-removing dog shampoo,

Does Baking Soda Really Remove Refrigerator Odors?

Even with regular cleaning and maintenance, your fridge will occasionally be home to some unpleasant smells. Perhaps you left that milk a day or two longer than you meant to, or the leftover takeout wasn’t well sealed, and the not-so-fresh smell is lingering. So the chances are, like most homeowners, that you are looking for

Common Breakfast Cooking Odors and How to Get Rid of Them

Veggies, sausage, and bacon smell delicious when cooking but can be a source of lingering odors in your kitchen. This is more frustrating when the meal of the day leaves odors throughout the day. If you’re wondering how to navigate this situation, Fresh Wave products can help. Here’s a quick guide! The Most Common Breakfast